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Ah, deja vu…. I’m sitting here after a scorching hot day of shopping. Burning incense cones. Being my usual, unreasonably picky self i ONLY use Wildberry brand. Fizzy Pop. It makes the house smell like an unromantic collision of smoke and pop rocks. 

Scents often times are linked to memory. And not just to two winters ago when i was spending most of my time either crying over spilt milk or buried in music in the dark. Perhaps at one time i was a hippie, fighting for revolution. Or a sloth. Yeah. I think i was a sloth, stuck up some tree in the rainforest. 

Speaking of old times, has anyone else noticed the prices of clothes going up but the quality of the fabric going down? Good gosh i paid 20 bucks for this shirt and it didn’t survive the heavy wash cycle type badness? i sure did today. I picked up a couple shirts today at Old Navy (completely equivalent to what they charge you 2x more for at Gap) 2 for 7.50 a piece. I like being cool in the summer, but when my shirt is as thin as tissue paper how can i expect it to last? Maybe i should swipe a box of those awkward paper gowns the doctor gives you. Chic, eh? 

Today my mind was on charity, It’s been discussed lately in a couple places i’ve been dropping my opinions in the virtual comment box whirlwind (they usually get lost amongst all the other debris) I’m browsing the newspaper and online ads for places i can volunteer. I do volunteer at the library, i like books. I also like food. Too bad i can’t volunteer to eat. 

We’ll see where this venture takes me. Who knows what i may end up doing to help (or hinder >.<) mankind’s progress. 

What do you think i would be good at? Is there something you can see me lending my eccentricities to? What are YOU good at? Think of 5 things and pat yourself on the back, you deserve it. 


So lately in the news has been a rather vicious debate on the definition of marriage. Firstly, you know I’m gay. Most of you also know where i stand on the issue of where my funds go. However, what i wish to emphasize in this post in NOT that i am in support of or not in support of some companies. No folks, this is deeper than chicken sandwiches and sugar free frappuchino. This is about human decency.

“You’re gay Lahani, naturally you support Starbucks” Yes! but i also support many other businesses who are LGBT friendly.

“You must boycott Chick-fil-a” again, Yes! but i also boycott other companies whose funds go against my beliefs. This is not about being against a man for speaking his mind. I don’t agree with him and he obviously does not agree with me and my born right to be with my partner in a committed relationship that is just as valid as any heterosexual relationship.

no….. on to my point. On both sides of this debate i have read and heard some nasty, vile comments. I ask you, is that how we want to represent ourselves? As a bunch of adults who can’t push their arguments in a civil manner? Do we think anyone will listen if we just start cursing out all christians? Would you listen to someone cursing you out? No.

If we lower ourselves to taking low blows and getting the last word then we have truly lost sight out the goal at hand. How can we expect peace? By sowing the seeds of what it is we want our future to be. Equal. Peaceful. Accepting of things that are different.

When you were a child i bet you paid attention to the adults. You couldn’t wait to be one of them if you were anything like me. Remember when you begin to slander those different from you, those kids are watching you. You’re teaching them how to handle their disputes. Do we want to teach them how to argue and hate? Do we want our future to move in retrograde? Back to the time when different groups were segregated because we feared what was unlike us? I sure don’t.

i don’t want to fear the future. i want to look forward to a future where i can sit in a restaurant and enjoy good food, knowing my profits go to fair causes, surrounded by my friends of all religions, races and orientations. The future is arriving, The future is tomorrow. It’s ten minutes from now. It’s never too early and never too late.

Let us agree to disagree sometimes but let us love each other despite our sins. We have all sinned. Let us not judge each other outwardly but by what’s common inside us all. Hearts. And they all look the same.

Hello world!

Hello!! Bonjour!!
This is my first blog and first post so let me introduce myself. My name is Lahani. I was born in Hawaii and have lived around the world. I am French American.
In this blog I will discuss many different things but you will see recurring themes of gay rights and French culture. I ask that if you are homophobic you simply don’t read this blog. Be respectful of my opinions because they are just that: opinions.
I have a whole lot to say and hope you will enjoy listening!
Happy Friday!